Company Trip 2014 – Hong Kong

Old Penang Group has more than 100 photos to share on our recent company trip to Hong Kong. It was a fantastic & memorable trip. Our staffs were enjoying themselves very much even though the weather was bad. But this does not stop us to explore Hong Kong. The below are their splendid moments to share:


I must say we are quite lucky that the bad weather does not really affect us, our activities continued and it make the trip more memorable, a wet wet trip.

Thank you all for attending this HK Trip and let us only keep the good memories while we are together. Life is beautiful if we only remember the happy times!

Wish Old Penang Group a greater success! Let us give our best in every endeavor we undertake.

Ching Hao:

Thanks company for this trip. The Ocean Park ride is the best. Nice trip with all of you, hope the next trip coming soon!!


First of all, thanks for the Company trip on 9 May to 13 May 2014. It was 3rd times I went to Hong Kong, the most country I travel after Singapore. Really unbelievable.

The airport in Hong Kong is fantastic. It was clean and new-looking. The immigration and security processes quicker and with one piece of small paper from officer without stamp on passport.

It was raining day on the 1st day we reached airport. Heard from the tour guide, on last night just have a BLACK RAIN. I just knowing that there are three-level system for rainstorm warning signals, BLACK, RED and AMBER. The rain will be on and off for this whole week.

Public transportation (MTR) in Hong Kong is excellent albeit a bit pricier than Singapore. There’s an Octopus Card for the public transportation and can be used at convenience stores.

Is was a very good experience to travel by ferry and bus to Madame Tussauds. It was first time I visiting to Madame Tussauds. There was many figures, including Aaron Kwok, Donnie Yen, Zhang Zilin, Bruce Lee, Li Bing Bing, Brad Pit and so on.

The Peak Tram is venerable and it was great experience.

Trip to Ocean Park. The attraction for me is Hair Raiser and the abyss. It was a good weather at the day we visit.

Dim sum is Hong kong really more delicious and the portion is bigger compared to Malaysia and Singapore. And beer in Hong Kong is cheaper, one bottle around HKD 20-30. We going out for dinner during heavy rain and we order beer to warm up our body.

Conclusion, the trip is fun and enjoyable. Is a good memories.

Ei Ei:

Firstly, I would like to thank to Company. So relaxed, happy and joyful trips. At Ocean Park Hong Kong, I got my first experience to ride the roller coaster. . . so excited and scary. . . but memorable day for me. . . . Hope the next company trip soon…


It was a really fun and memorable trip.
The hair raiser roller coaster ride was unforgettable for me and thank you so much for this enjoyable trip.


After the Bangkok trip last 2012, my wish was granted J another trip in Hong Kong (May 2014). The day we arrived, it was rainy but it doesn’t stop us from enjoying our trip. Again one thing in my mind is the food J, We eat a lot of nice and good food, I just don’t have a chance to eat some of street foods but definitely when I take my vacation again in Hong Kong I will definitely try it J.

Once you heard Hong Kong you should go to Disneyland and Ocean park J. Unforgettable moment in Hong Kong? It is when I ride the hair raiser at Ocean park, it was extreme and awesome but I don’t think I want to ride it again hahaha. And just for fun we (with Ching Hao and Lee) try to bet at horse racing and we won hahaha.

It was great, fun and relaxing!!!

Thank you very much to our very generous company J for this wonderful experience and looking forward to the next company trip soon J

More Blessings!!!


Enjoyable trip and this trip help us to have more understanding with each other. Thank You company for sponsor this trip to us. I hope we will get another trip soon.


Thank you company for sponsoring this memorable experience. Get to know Hong Kong people lifestyle. My feels toward this trip: People congested. Love the Dim Sum, Bread, Egg Tatt, Disneyland and Ocean Park.

Erm!!! 1st time feel extremely scary for riding cable car due to bad weather. Luckily, we reach the hill top safety.

However, is still an unforgettable trip. Await for our next company trip hehe…

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