Old Penang Hotel (Penang Times Square)

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Old Penang Hotel (Trang Road)

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Old Penang Hotel (Ampang Point)

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About Old Penang Hotel

About Us

Old Penang Hotel is operated by a team of caring, dedicated and hardworking staffs. Old Penang Hotel strikes to provide affordable and comfortable stay to all guests in various states of Malaysia. Our aim is to eventually become one of the leading hotel operators in the country. From top to bottom, we adhere to strict standard and code of conduct. We aim to give back to society constantly while we are growing our organization. Our greatest asset lies with our people. We hope the staffs like the organization and the guest like the hotel. To stay ahead, we are constantly improving and on the lookout for ideas to serve our guest better.

Old Penang Hotel is currently operating three hotel outlets. Reservation is INSTANT through our online or email booking as below:

  1. Old Penang Hotel (Penang Times Square) located in Penang
    04-2267611 Email Booking Online Booking

  2. Old Penang Hotel (Trang Road) located in Penang
    04-2260001 Email Booking Online Booking

  3. Old Penang Hotel (Ampang Point) located in Kuala Lumpur
    03-42662639 Email Booking Online Booking

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Visit any of our Old Penang Hotel (Trang Road), Old Penang Hotel (Penang Times Square) and Old Penang Hotel (Ampang Point), you will be pleased to receive the high level of hospitality yet paying at an affordable price.